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Email: DunamixDanceProject@gmail.com

Phone: 951.230.8746

41625 Enterprise Circle S, Suite D Temecula, CA 92590

Class Styles We Offer:

• Ballet
• Pointe
• Pas de Deux
• Classical Variations
• Teen/Adult Ballet
• Preschool Dance
• Tap
• Jazz
• Hip Hop
• Breakdance
• Lyrical
• Annual Recital and Nutcracker

Dunamix Dance Project is approved by Julian Charter School, River Springs Charter School,
Sage Oak, Excel, Inspire, and Deheasa Charter School.
Please call for schedule.


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The Truth About the Nutcracker:

Praise Him With Dancing 2018:

Praise Him With Dancing 2017:

DTP Video: Praise Him With Dancing 2017 from John Salas DTP on Vimeo.

The Invitation 2017:

DTP: The Invitation 2017 from John Salas DTP on Vimeo.

The First Noel 2016:

DTP: The First Noel 2016 from John Salas DTP on Vimeo.

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Our friendly staff is available to help you.  Register at the front desk, or call for assistance 951.230.8746

Dunamix Dance Project is approved by Julian Charter School, River Springs Charter School,
Sage Oak, Excel, Inspire, and Deheasa Charter School.

Dunamix comes from a greek word describing the dynamic power of God. The fine arts have a tremendous ability to speak a universal language. A visual portrayal of God’s word  can shatter dividing walls of age, culture, gender, and language. We take the vision to train dancers as a divine call to impact our world with the love of God.  It is the mission of our school to bring up excellent dancers who proclaim the truth of God’s love to a lost world. We believe that in a nurturing and encouraging environment, students will thrive. We know that no matter what their career choices are in life, they will be impacted immensely by how they were treated and how they learned to treat others, the challenges they overcame, the goals they set and attained, and they will remember forever what they learned in pleasure.


Our Instructors:

We hire the highest quality instructors in Southern California. We strive to constantly improve our instruction through teacher evaluation and pedagogy classes. We expect our teachers to be in class, and performing to ever evolve their knowledge.
Our Curriculum:
Dance Project is proud to include the AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE® National Training Curriculum, a breakthrough, eight-level program that combines high-quality artistic training with the basics of dancer health and child development.  The ABT® National Training Curriculum consists of a comprehensive set of age-appropriate, outcome-based guidelines to provide the highest quality ballet training to dance students of all ages and skill levels.

Nicole Thomas

Taylor Simpson Wendy Serrano Katherine Berry Alex Berry Carissa Johnson Robyn Hunzeker


Nicole Thomas Taylor Simpson Sierra Cranny George Ortiz Kylie Kruger

Tina Salas

Latoya Butler Serena Skidgel Ben Quirk

Christina Robin

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Claudia Dyson Kristin Brown

From our Front Desk Staff

This was such a beautiful show. I was in such amazement at how smooth it was running!  I could not believe with what Grace and efficiency the whole team moved and re-located. I enjoyed the unique challenge of helping run it at the studio with all the wonderful moms and dancers.

You, your family, our teachers and our staff teach, challenge and refine me with each and every contact I have with them.

I had no idea the personal lessons and spiritual growth I would encounter coming on staff with Dunamix. It’s CHURCH to me often times.

I am blessed to see how the experience of Dunamix is growing dancers from rough pieces of coal to shining diamonds. Too see these girls mature and be discipled is an incredible privilege.

As always- thank you.
God bless your family


From a Dunamix Family


How do I put this into words???  It may not sound eloquent and well written, but it is my attempt of communicating a true blessing


A year ago Avery was doing tryouts for her second year of team/competition with a local dance studio.  Through a series of events that her daddy and I found to be quite negative, we decided to remove her from that studio.  Since she wanted to keep dancing, we gave Dunamix a try.  She was excited to dance with her cousin Addy. Avery immediately fell in love: enjoyed the classes and thought the teachers were wonderful. From that first day, Dunamix has been a blessing by giving Avery and Hailey the ability to enjoy dance in a healthy, uplifting, and loving environment.


Then, came Avery’s disease – Juvenile Dermatomyositis…  I can’t imagine if we would have been at any other studio…  I can only think that Avery’s self esteem and feelings would have been destroyed and she would have been made to feel “flawed” and shunned.  I imagine, she would have been unwelcome at the studio, and a true inconvenience with her condition.  But, GOD knew and GOD is good!!!  We got the exact opposite treatment at Dunamix!!  Dunamix showered Avery and our family with love, support, prayers, kindness, hospitality, and encouragement.  And SO many meals that nourished and fed my family for months!!!! Through all the physical changes and challenges Avery is going through, none of the dancers were ever rude or insulting to her.  She was in a safe environment where she got hugs, complimented and included by all the girls and dancers at Dunamix.  Not to mention how amazing it was that Avery had a special part made just for her that accommodated her disability in the production of Pinocchio.  Also, my other daughter Hailey received extra love and support during the show and classes as people understood what she was going through with a sick sister and an absent mommy who had to be gone at the hospital many many times. Dunamix has been and continues to be a place where we are more filled with joy when we head home after dance classes!!


Now, as Avery gets stronger and is almost back to her normal strength and energy level, I am blessed to see her dancing again!  These past 5 days, she attended the Dunamix dance intensive. Her energy level was dumbfounding!  I sit here and remember that only 3 months ago she was napping 2 or 3 times per day, pushed around in a stroller to go anywhere, and at home she could barely walk from the couch to the bathroom due to fatigue and pain.  But this week, she danced all day and still had an abundance of energy to play and run around until bed time!! She was so happy to be at the studio dancing that she wanted to stay for the full day-camp instead of the half day-camp!  Continued prayers that she does not have a muscle flare up as we taper her off of the heavy prednisone (this medication has saved her life, but also cause so many nasty side effects.)


OK, as if all the things I have already said aren’t awesome enough, get this!!!!! On day 2 of dance intensive, Avery participated in morning devotions.  She sat there and didn’t really know what to do, so she just flipped through her Bible (with a very serious and darling look on her face). The next day – day 3, she asked me what she was supposed to do during devotions, so I wrote down some verses for her to find and told her to copy what the older girls were doing (praying, writing, and reading)!  This is the super cool part…  That evening back at home, Avery couldn’t get enough of reading her Bible and finding verses!!  Also, in the past, when we pray at dinner and bed time, Avery has never wanted to pray out loud – even though we ask her almost every night if she would like to say a prayer.  Well, being at dance intensive all week, and hearing/observing all the other girls praying, reading their Bibles, and worshipping the Lord, Avery finally said the most beautiful prayer out loud at bed time!!! Her daddy and I were brought to tears and beyond blessed!!! Through dance at Dunamix, Avery (and the Paterson family) has seen more of Jesus and has a sweeter understanding of the Lord!!!



Jodi Paterson


From a family that moved away

“I wanted to write quickly and tell you guys how much Sarah misses dance there- lets pray for God to raise someone up and send him or her to our area to start christian dance!! Nothing is impossible, right. Thank you so much for the example you all have set and the love that she felt surrounded with from so many there. In Christ. -Juliette — psalm 31:19


A Little Dancers Family

“From our family to Dunamix, we just wanted to say “thank you” and that we appreciate the excellent job that you do and the high standard that you set. Both of my daughters eagerly anticipate each and every class and function that they get to attend at Dunamix. Thank you for your heart and ministry!

Below is a journal writing assignment from my six year old that she wrote about dancing at Dunamix. :)


The Rodgers Family



7:30pm Swing/Latin Rhythm
East and West Coast, Rumba, Cha Cha, Salsa

8:30pm Smooth
Waltz. Tango. Fox Trot

Discounts per person per Saturday
$15 single class each evening
$24 for 2 classes each evening
$30 for 3 classes each evening
Privates per couple $95 hour


Groups of 10 or more pay $10 each for a single class

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AUGUST 20, 2013 Dance for God ~ Jen


I never wanted Kate to dance. I want her to smash volleyballs down the line and laugh. I’m not kidding. Because that girl who uses her height and strength to pound a ball into the floor—that girl will not get pushed around in this world. That girl will never be a crumpled heap in a corner because of what the world did to her. But Kate doesn’t like balls. Or smashing anything. Kate wants to dance. So last summer, I found a dance studio in town and signed her up. It was disorganized and a bit silly, but that was ok with me because I wasn’t too serious anyhow. I sat in the waiting room, watching my daughter on a tiny tv, listening to the other moms. They were much as I expected: catty, gossipy, whispery. Overly concerned with how big or small their daughters were in comparison with the others. The hip-hop music coming out of the big practice room was questionable. We won’t be doing hip-hop, ever I thought. One day we got an email reminding us that if our small children were a nuisance in the waiting room, we were expected to leave. I heard from a friend that some moms actually ran a dad and his toddler out the door one night. I felt uncomfortable, but at the Christmas recital, Kate nailed it and had a wonderful time. “I LOVE dance!” she told me. We stayed. Then in late January, the recital costumes were posted. I needed to pay $90 for something that I did not feel was appropriate for my 5 year old. I looked at what the older girls were expected to wear and saw my future—it had less and less material with every passing year. If she wanted to be serious about dance, this was not a place I was willing to make that happen. I went home and Googled “Christian dance studio” out of desperation. I didn’t even know if such a thing existed. But it does, and right down the road from our town. We made the switch. At the first class, I sat in front of a giant window with my daughter just on the other side. Her teacher had the girls sit in a circle and hold hands. Then they started class with a prayer. God sent me more Grace than I knew I needed. I wanted her in a place where modesty and grace were important. I got a place where moms and teenagers study the Bible at the studio; I’ve seen beautiful dancing to Christian music and watched kind young ladies and men mentor the little ones around them. My toddler is welcome here, with her sticky fingers and her wobbling walk. People just move around her, patting her head as they go by. The peaceful moms have smiles for every child, not just their own. I don’t sense competition, only the commitment to hold each other up. Conversations center around home school and church groups and praise choirs. They are serious about their dance at this place, too. All the instructors are professionals, and they use the American Ballet Theater National Training Curriculum. I don’t know what that means, but there are dancers on pointe. The music is clean and Christian, even the hip-hop, and the dancers work very, very hard in their classes. This last weekend was the recital. I knew it was going to be great. I told everyone they were going to see some beautiful dancing to great Christian music. A visual feast. I wasn’t wrong. But I was far away from right. That’s not what happened in that theater. It wasn’t dancing. It was worship. The little kids were adorable in their costumes, stumbling through their dances while trying to wave at their parents. But the older dancers, they knew what they were there for. They didn’t just dance to the songs, they felt the songs. They praised God with their arms and their legs and their spirits. They weren’t dancing for us. They were dancing for Him. And they lifted us up with them in praise and joy. This is light years away from “Dance Moms” and mean girls. This is about growing the gifts that God gave Kate in a way that glorifies God. This is learning that being on stage is not for her or about her, but for others, a service, a witness. This is about working for God and not for applause. And because they were dancing for God and not themselves, they were calm, confident, spiritual. Now I want Kate to dance with all my soul. Or at least stay with this studio long enough to learn that whatever gift she has came from God and should be offered back to Him in service and witness. Because it’s not winning that will hold the evils of the world at bay. It’s not physical aggression that will stop her from being a crumpled heap in the corner. That’s not what kept me safe, either. It’s God. She has to keep her eyes on God.


Dance for God