Dancing with Integrity

Lexi Dockery

Praise Hula

Introducing our brand new addition, PRAISE HULA!
Lexi Dockery will be opening her class at Dunamix in November on Thursdays at 3pm!

I absolutely love dance because it allows me to express my emotions through art and serve as an outlet to worship God through the gifts He has blessed me with.
In the past five years of teaching praise hula, I love to see students progress into beautifully skilled dancers. I find it extremely important to teach dancers proper technique as well as the terms for different moves.
I love that Dunamix is a space where dancers can do what they love for Whom they love with likeminded people! After experiencing the last Dunamix recital, I was inspired by how emotionally connected each dancer was. Seeing their passion for dance and for the Lord was breathtaking!

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