Dancing with Integrity

Kylie Kruger

Kylie Kruger
Jazz/ Beg Leaps and Turns

What I love about dance: Everything!! Specifically the movement of the body the different shapes and stories you can tell with simply moving a body part. The individuality that each dancer possesses, everyone is so wonderfully different they experience movement and life differently, it is so beautiful to watch how every individual portrays the movement in a new way! It is breathtaking…

What do I love about Teaching:
I love being a part of a students growth in life and in dance. I love investing my time in all the hard work they put towards their craft, the time and commitment they invest in to becoming themselves in dance and in life. It is one of my greatest honors to be a part of my students lives, teaching them all that I know and learning from each other. It is the best gift I have the joy of receiving and giving.

What are my teaching philosophies: As a dancer, Choreographer and educator I teach with, energy, integrity, and quality of technique, while creating an environment for individuality that promotes self discovery through dance. I seek to provide meaningful opportunities for students to connect their experiences in class with other aspects of their lives. As a teacher I strive to continue to develop as an artist and educator. I learn from my students on a daily basis. To be the best teacher I can be, I maintain my own physical growth and practice as a dancer, experiencing different teachers and mentors to deepen my craft. I love planting the seed in my students, awaiting to ignite the spark of discovery they experience every week.

What do I love about Dunamix:
Absolutely everything!!! The entire feel of Dunamix is simply beautiful.

What do I love about the students at Dunamix:
The dedication, the passion, the drive, the hunger for not only dance but life.

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