Dancing with Integrity

Tina Salas

Tina Salas
Lead Hip Hop Instructor

“Teaching is it gives me an open door to be a leader, mentor, an example to the next generation. My classes aren’t just about dance they are about discipline, respect, training, growth and results spiritually, mentally as well as physically. Young people require structure and discipline. I do my part in my class to shape them to be contributing citizens” “Dunamix allows us freedom to love, to dance, to work hard but not unto ourselves- we do it for God. He gave us the gift to dance in the first place. We have the freedom to express from our spirit without offending others. I like to say we work toward perfection so that we might achieve excellence! I’m thankful for Dunamix, its like no other out there”
Tina Salas began her fantastic dancing career choreographing to the sounds of her fathers guitar! She has trained with Tabitha and Napoleon of SYTYCD, Culture Shock SD and Jabbawockeez. She has an incredible eye for detail in styling and precision, her gift of developing a student’s potential has been clearly demonstrated in the multiple dancers that she has produced through the years.  Her classes are strengthening, invigorating and demand excellence. Her instruction is beneficial for every dancer and should not be missed, sign up now!

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