Dancing with Integrity

George Ortiz

George Ortiz
Jazz Instructor

What I love about teaching are the moments you see your student realize they can do more than they thought they could. My 4th grade teacher is cemented forever in helping me to believe in myself and I love knowing that I could possibly be the same for some future adult.
What is so special about Dunamix is the collective understanding of who God is, what He can do and what He has done. I can Group up with a 4 year old to a 50 year old and come into agreement in prayer for anything. When I say, “One more time for Jesus” it really is one more time for Jesus.
My teaching philosophy is “If you can handle it, let’s go. If I can help you handle it, let’s go. I focus on investing in my students hearts. Heart first. Message. Storytelling. Truth. Say something that someone else can hear with their eyes in your movement.

George Ortiz came out of the womb dancing, but began his official dance and performing arts training in musical theater and as a company member with the 24/7 Dance Company on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  As soon as he graduated from Kalaheo High School, he moved to Hollywood, California with a scholarship to The Edge Performing Arts Center at the age of 17.  Immediately after completing his term at the Edge he was signed with Dorothy Day Otis, a leading agency, representing him for Dance, Commercial and Theatrical.  He quickly began to work with L.A.’s top choreographers, directors and actors.  George has worked on many films, he has traveled the world on tours with Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin and Shayanne. George can also be seen dancing and acting on the television shows, he has danced in and choreographed multiple music videos, danced for Michael Jackson, Offspring, Smashmouth, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin. George now commits his gifts and talents to teaching.  His greatest passion is heading his dance ministry at New Covenant Fellowship, serving and giving back what the Lord gave to him.  His dream and inspiration is to help establish The Kingdom of Heaven and share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

George Ortiz - Jazz

George Ortiz- Jazz, Lyrical