Dancing with Integrity

Brittany Daniels




Brittany Daniels began her  ballet training when she was eight under the careful attention of Aubry Walker. She has been dancing with Dunamix since 2007. She is an wonderful role model and leader! Her love for her students and her careful attention to detail bring excellence to her classes, students thrive under her care. She is a jamming dancer in Dunamix Hip Hop Street Crew and an Apprentice with Dunamix Dance Company. In addition to her fantastic teaching and dynamic performance quality, she:

-Accomplished international honors for Cecchetti level 5 grade examination.

-Nominated for special recognition at the Cecchetti USA Summer Intensive

-Attended and earned a full scholarship to Ballet Magnificat! summer dance intensive

-Attended and received a partial scholarship to Alonzo King LINES Ballet dance intensive

-Awarded most promising dancer in the city of Temecula by ODC modern dance company

-Offered full scholarship to ODC dance intensive

-Offered apprenticeship to modern company PGK Dance Project

-Teaching since 2008

-Training in Hip Hop and Jazz since 2007

-Currently training with Nicole Thomas, American Ballet Theater certified levels 1-7

-Trained under teachers from Paris Opera Ballet, Malashock, Edge PAC Hollywood

 “Dance has always been a passion in my life. I love everything about it, teaching, rehearsing, taking classes, or performing it is always a joy to do. My desire for the students I teach is for them to be even more fired up about dance than I am. I am a very detailed teacher; however, I make sure my students are enjoying class. My goal at the end of every class is to make sure all the students learned something they did not know.”


Dance, for me, speaks louder than a thousand words. When I find it difficult to express something using words, with dance, it is easy. I want to be able to dance outside of myself, when I extend my arm I want the energy in my arm to continue reaching farther, not just to my fingertips, but out of my body. I don’t want to dance purely for fun, although I greatly enjoy it. I dance for the purpose of making Christ known and when I dance, I want the people watching to be able to feel that purpose.

“I grew up in a Christian home, I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was three years old but I never truly understood for myself what it meant to have a real relationship with Jesus Christ. I thought I did but I see now that I was mistaken. The road that took me to discover how real God was began at the end of 2005 when my parents told me they were getting a divorce and later, my dad told my siblings and I that he had cancer.

In August 2006, one of my sisters Nicole passed away in a car accident. It was so unreal and unexpected, you can never understand how horrible it is to lose someone you love until it happens to you, and one of the things this journey has taught me is that you can’t understand any experience until you experience it yourself. Shortly after Nicole passing away my dads cancer spread throughout almost his entire body and he had to be hospitalized. October 2006, two months after my sister died, my dad died at the hospital due to internal bleeding in his brain. When my dad died, the prevailing thought that kept going though my mind was “got to dance, got to dance…”, not because dance would make me forget, but dance would help me release and work through the grief and all the emotions that came along with it.

I was so distraught, I distinctly remember one day when I was in the shower everything hit me and I fell to the floor and began to ball my eyes out and cry out to God. I remember saying “God I’m not mad at you, I’m honestly not. Because I know you are a perfect God and your will is perfect and even though I don’t understand why they got taken away me that doesn’t make You any less of a perfect God. But it hurts…it hurts so much“ and I just began to tell God exactly how I felt (as if he didn’t already know!). And then, while I was on the floor, this overwhelming peace came over me. When Paul said in Philippians 4:7 that God will give you peace that surpasses all understanding, he was not exaggerating.

I cannot even explain what washed over me and how instant it happened, one second I was a wreck and the next I was completely calm and my soul fell silent. Everything seemed to fade away and I was in the presence of God, I could almost feel God wrapping his arms around me to the point that I was consumed by Him and I swear I heard Him speaking to me, it was the most beautiful sound I will ever hear in my entire life. I have never felt so much love then I did right there in that moment. At that time in my life I was starting to question if God was real then that happened and I thought to myself “Oh wow, God is definitely real” and I have a had relationship with Him from that point on.

Two years ago in January, my oldest brother Jeremy committed suicide, it was absolutely devastating and all I thought was “Oh Lord, please not again.” Jeremy was the oldest of my siblings, he was dependable, sarcastic, easy to love, a very sweet man and when my sister died he was the rock I laid my head on when those overpowering waves of emotion came crashing down on me. He was always there when I needed him and I am so grateful for my “most favorite and best oldest brother ever.”

Something that God has showed me throughout all of these experiences is that my God is faithful even when people aren’t and His love is unconditional. And even when we are going through situations or circumstances that are what we never expected or wanted, God is good. There is one thing that I am certain of and that is when it’s my time and I’m face to face with our Creator the struggle and all the pain I experienced on this earth amount to nothing. There will be no comparison when I’m with my Lord and the love I will experience for the rest of eternity.”