Dancing with Integrity

Dunamix History

Nicole Thomas grew up in the dance industry, although she received high quality instruction she also had to deal with the normal issues every dance student encounters.

Pressure to lose weight, competitive atmospheres that hindered quality friendships developing, having to dance in choreography and wear costumes that went against her moral fiber.

The idea of dancing for God was presented by a little woman during a Christmas production in San Diego. “She had no training, but her heart was so pure! She spoke of always wanting to be a ballerina and how she loved God so much. Love was oozing from her, and I just sat there weeping”.


“Dance had always been about me, the idea of dancing with my heart focused on God was so incredible, life changing really. Now, when I dance I imagine I’m dancing in the presence of God . I was born to dance, I feel His love for me when I am dancing. Nothing in life has ever made me feel more alive.”

Nicole then went on to dance with two different Christian dance companies. His Grace in Orange County, a sister company of Ballet Magnificat! and another in San Diego called Eagles Wings.

In 1999 she began a ministry through Calvary Temecula that offered “quality instruction in a safe, Christ focused atmosphere”. It has slowly grown from that tiny room with carpet and a ballet barre to a multiple room dance studio filled with beautiful dancers, fantastic teachers, lovely families and staff. They offer hip hop, tap, jazz, break dancing, ¬†ballroom, salsa, swing, holy yoga, among other styles. There are around 25 teachers on staff.

Twenty years later, the mission of the studio continues, to offer quality instruction in a safe environment and it has spread into a powerful ministry. The studio sponsors Dream Center LE, a local pantry and community outreach, Compassion International, Charity Water, among others. The dancers perform at multiple, local events through Dunamix Tour, and the studio offers scholarships to children in need.

“The environment here is nothing like any I’ve ever encountered. It is welcoming, the dancers are loved, the choreography is inspired, the productions tell of the powerful love of God.¬†This is just the beginning, there are great things coming and I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing place!”1083413_10152270158901986_1961256139_o