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Brittany Daniels- Ballet/ Theraband

Brittany Daniels- Ballet/ Theraband

Doúlos heads to Temecula via England and New York…24 hour commute:

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Feeling a little bit like “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”: Doúlos meets the San Marino Italian Fútbol team headed to England for a match: You get a little crazy after your 20th hour on the plane! What a team! We praise God for using them mightily for His kingdom and for their safe return! Home sweet home: Video Footage to be posted in an upcoming...

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Doúlos heads to ROME!!!!

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Your testimony about yours and Hannah’s experience brought tears to my eyes.  It’s so amazing how God will use the talents he’s given each one of us to glorify himself when we’re willing to go out and use them.  I feel so excited to think about the seeds the group was able to plant and the encouragement you were able to give to the young pastors. The subway in Rome is crowded!!!!!!And filled with photo bombers! You never know what you might run into on the streets of Rome: Doúlos worshipped with and performed at International Christian Fellowship.  Over 50 nations are represented here! Beautiful. Doúlos talked to and enjoyed the company of the children of Rome: Priceless: Doúlos goes sightseeing after performing This is the Day at ICF: The Spanish Steps: Where’s Doúlos? All that dancing makes you hungry.  So, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do”: While enjoying their gelato, they noticed that they had stopped at a very special street…the Way of Jesus: The sights in Rome are incredible.  It is amazing to think that Paul and many others walked these very parts on these very stones and yet very humbling when you think of what they endured for the sake of...

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Doúlos and the average day in Italy:

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The average Doúlos day in Italy starts at 6 am with Gina your tour guide/manager/interpreter/hostess: You might head to the local theater and get a grand tour of its gorgeous facility, let’s pray we’ll be performing at it in the near future: Seriously…gorgeous…unbelievable…pretty sure that is real gold!! You might have lunch at a fancy, local restaurant  Then you would warm up and perform 7 dances (with seven costumes back to back) at a school assembly: …or a retirement center You would definitely visit and pray with them after: You might even get escorted out by a gentleman who blows kisses to you as you get into your car! You might get onto a subway like this one: And head to a class at SURYA Dance taught by your favorite teacher: Nicole Thomas It is possible that the locals might treat you to some wonderful Italian coffee: Your favorite memories would be meeting the sweet school children, …being inspired by the lovely nuns, …and praying with people. The train would be a nice place to catch a quick break…just make sure Mrs. Clemente is there to make sure you get off at the right stop: The train would get you back to Carpi.  It’s so beautiful, it inspires some photos: Always be ready to dance.  You never know when that tour guide Gina might “ask” you to perform… you’ll have to stretch randomly: Click here for some video footage of Hannah dancing to “If You’re Happy and You Know It” IMG_1639 2 You’ll definitely be thankful for the administration staff  that takes SUCH GOOD CARE of you! Finally you will most likely be rewarded with an amazing home cooked meal from Gina’s mother in law!!! Fresh, hand made...

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Doúlos and the lovely city of Verona

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      Doúlos spent a beautiful evening in Verona with host Gina (Nicole’s sister). Checked out the local wares: Posed with Juliet (Romeo and…) near her balcony: Our speaker/music was “missing in action” so we improvised and went with the local music!!! The artist was filled with joy to see the dancers dancing to his music.  By the third dance, he could not restrain his smile.  He asked us to send him video footage of the evening… Hannah started the evening off with Gum Drop: Brittany is captured here doing her solo portion in Snow: Nicole added some flare with a piece from Beauty in the Breakdown: Tired, exhausted and ready for pizza, the girls headed for home.  On the way they stopped and asked some passers by where they got their pizza.  It turned out they were just celebrating a wedding and had visitors there from San Francisco.  When they found out the girls were dancers they insisted on a sample piece. Tired and exhausted the dancers kindly explained that they had no music.  The folks were not phased by that and began clapping out a tune.  You can guess the...

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Doúlos heads to Venice

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    We’re on our way to Venice! The streets of Venice are beautiful… …so are the sweets… …and the fashion! Doúlos warmed up, rehearsed and danced in public piazzas in order to keep up their stamina. Here they dance in front of St. Mark’s Basilica. Passers by would linger and watch.  Michelle would pass out tracts in Italian or English and talk with the onlookers. The energy in this team is amazing. They are full of joy. They shine for...

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Doúlos performs for youth in Italy.

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Bible Story was just amazing.  The children and nuns were enamored with the presentation. The dancers gave it their all: The story behind each dance was interpreted into Italian by a beautiful Italian teacher with a heart of gold: Homeless was performed.  Doulos director Nicole Thomas begged for money to set the stage: Oceans: the dancers were radiant! This is the Day.  Look at the joy and beauty in the faces of these dancers.  The light of Christ shone through them this day.  The nuns were brought to tears.  Hundreds of children were in awe as they watched. The dancers closed with an energetic Ascension.  Where did their energy come from? Seven dances were performed in a row!! The dancers were dizzy, tired and out of breath going into this last dance.  They prayed and the Lord sustained them beautifully. Meet and Greet time: Many of these students were deaf.  This is Mateo.  He was moved by the performance. The nuns care for these children in such a tender fashion and with such love. The dancers enjoy a snack of cabbage and toast served bruschetta style with Italian coffee.   Hannah liked the coffee so much she went for thirds!! Brittany’s face says it all: More photos to...

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Doúlos: Photos from Central Park and Harlem

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        NY: Doúlos performing under the bridge with violinist in Central Park NY: Doúlos performing at Bethesda Fountain in Central Park Harlem: Doúlos performing Bible Story Bible Story was so well received by this audience.  We cannot picture them due to confidentiality. When Doúlos took their bow, the audience broke into such a beautiful applause.  They called for an encore and gave another heartfelt applause.  Doúlos changed into their street clothes and then served a warm meal to each person and handed out groceries to all.  The director said she “feared tomorrow…when they asked for Doúlos and she had to tell them that Doúlos was...

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