Dancing with Integrity

Christina Robin

The amazing Christina Robin, tumbling has never been this fun! We love you and are so thankful for love you give out all the time. You are a tremendous blessing!!!



✨ What do you love about dance?
Oh my goodness! I love dance so much!! Dance has always been my outlet my whole life. Whenever anything great, bad, or painful happened I would just “dance it out”. I’ve made best friends through dance! And I think what I love most about dance is how it speaks to any audience, no matter their language or age!

✨What do you love about teaching?
I love teaching at Dunamix because I not only get to pass on the love of Dance, but the love of dancing for God! And, my dance teachers were like awesome-big-sisters to me. I get to honor them by being that for my students!

✨What are your teaching philosophies?
I believe Dance is a gift from God, & it’s meant to be enjoyed by the dancer & the audience.
I believe strong technique makes awesome dancers.
Therefore, I try to make my classes honoring to God & FUN. I try to increase my students flexibility & strength so that they avoid injuries, & are consistently progressing to more advanced moves.

✨What do you love about Dunamix?
God has done so much soul-healing in me at Dunamix, so the studio is my SPECIAL PLACE! 💖🏡💖 I’ve felt so loved and connected to God while dancing here.

✨What do you love about the students at Dunamix ?
I love that the students of Dunamix have open hearts to God! ! I love how they are all caring, sweet, and inclusive. No eye rolling, or gossiping, or caddy drama in this studio! The truths they hear about God, I know, will stay in them when they’re older & that makes my heart happy!