Dancing with Integrity

Ben Quirk

Break Dance
Ben trained with the best in the industry, has competed and battled. We love his heart for God, kind leadership and the passion he shares with his students every week!

“Dance is more than just an exercise. It’s the art of taking music and enjoying it to a whole other level. It’s a beautiful way to worship the Lord through the abilities we have. I love dance because it’s infinite. I love teaching my students everything I know, and watching them grow every week and even learning moves I can’t do! The cool thing about teaching breaking is that every student is different in shape and thinking. So I adapt to their own style of dance. Dunamix has always been my home for dance, because we are all like family. The love everyone shows to each other reflects back to God, which makes it a studio unlike any other. I love the students because they come from all different backgrounds, yet we come together to learn what we all love. They get inspired every week and just get to be themselves around each other. They become more than just students but friends to me, and it’s just a blessing to be given this awesome opportunity!”

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